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Suddenly, and even more when we arrive from JeContacte, we are amazed by the abundance of pretty girls and handsome guys. And we never tire of browsing the magnificent profiles offered to our eyes. On the other hand, it is clear that basically Badoo is no match for Netlog. It’s even a light version: a dil mil reviews with the possibility of writing comments, photo albums with a rating system, a chat, a simple search engine, the list of recent visitors and… that’s it. ! No emails, no editable layout, no keyword research, no clan system. Everything has been simplified as much as possible and, from this point of view, it’s successful: for what it offers, the interface is very simple and clear, and is much more intuitive than on Netlog .

But the strong point of Badoo lies in its axis “meetings”: because it must be recognized that the High Quality photos associated with the rating system have a clear tendency to excite enthusiasts. Especially since the possible low development of the profile encourages Badoo members to come only to communicate rather than to waste time tweaking their page! And when it comes to dating alone, Badoo is devilishly effective.

To get to the top of the search results, it is possible to send an SMS at € 1. But if you really don’t want to pay anything, you just have to go out and meet others on your own by trying to approach them on chat or by leaving a comment on their profiles. Still, women are as always very busy, especially when it comes to chatting and even more so when they have a good grade. But if the desired topic of conversation is other than the possibility of a gynecological consultation by webcam, we are already above the majority of the other candidates. The only regret could come from the available profiles: in general, people are beautiful but it does not fly high, as can be seen from the rare bits of text available in the profiles, riddled with mistakes and with content worthy of a child’s concerns. ten years.

Strangely, I tried AdopteUnMec and my opinion is much less glorifying than yours, in fact we still find ourselves in the classic scheme where guys have to “flash”, women are a little more active or rather a little less passive.

On the other hand, the superficial aspect and the notion of human object gave me the sheaf at the beginning, and then finally after several days you can see that you still fall back on the same principles and other rules of meetic and others.

Another point in disagreement, I find it normal for girls to pay on meetic and even elsewhere, they advocate the so-called equality but when you have to pay for a site then no, that makes me laugh, either we ask the ‘equality and until the end, either we do not ask for it and we manage.